Pavel Pepperstein and Sonya Stereostyrski found a visual equivalent of white noise

Russian Art Focus met with renowned conceptual artist and writer Pavel Pepperstein and young media artist Sonya Stereostyrsky who since 2020 have been working together as the artist duo PPSS. Their inaugural show at the Ekaterina Foundation, organized together with the Ovcharenko Gallery, showcases paintings, graphic work and video art, presenting their many-sided new body of work.

Pavel Pepperstein is the son of one the founders of Moscow conceptualism Viktor Pivovarov who founded the art group “Inspection Medical Hermeneutics'', and developed the “psychedelic realism” style for which he is now known. He met Sonya Stereostyrski at the School of Design at the Higher School of Economics where he was teaching and curating the work of young artists.

PPSS are interested in contemporary pop culture, their debut project “Visions of Stars” presents portraits of pop stars from Russia and abroad, movie characters, famous politicians and personalities from the media. Both artists have a keen interest in music, and describe the future as ‘white noise’, a kind of space for infinite projection where everything is possible.

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