Alexander Povzner: what the hell should I mess with clay for?

21 July, 2021

Russian Art Focus met with Moscow-based graphic artist, sculptor and painter, Alexander Povzner (b.1976) who was born into art-making. His parents, the sculptors Valeria Dobrokhotova and Lev Povzner, moved in the studio he still calls home when he was just five years old. His toys were sculpture materials and he amused himself by cutting stones.

Povzner claims that the ideas that he had then and the way he thinks now have remained exactly the same. In his work, he combines an interest in contemporary sculpture and conceptual art and produces art that is both serious and tongue-in-cheek.

In the interview Alexander told us about his childhood in his parent’s studio, being inspired by people and art they create, an inner need to speak the language of art, passion for travel and open air public art projects, and never working purely from nature.

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