Pink is the new punk

Pink is the new punk

Lisa Bobkova, a young artist from St. Petersburg, believes that the next global catastrophe will be painted pink.

Liza Bobkova (b. 1987) uses metal as her medium of choice. Her new project, supported by two galleries, Moscow’s Iragui and St. Petersburg’s MYTH, is no exception. This total installation at the Iragui gallery contains a vaguely menacing message, aimed at the omnipresent Instagram mentality of today. The project is called ‘I see a catastrophe all the time I sleep’. For two months, Bobkova has transformed the tiny underground gallery hall into a surreal world where the laws of gravity do not seem to work and ordinary sand acquires an unnatural colour. Metallic skeletons of balls hint at a beach game and an oddly intense hue of the sand transfers us to a dream-like otherworldly reality. Yet, for Bobkova, this rosy space is far from idyllic. “It is the colour of destruction, shame, violence”, the artist believes. “A catastrophe is a form of refraction of the old way of life. Abandoning the old, a person produces a new space.” (And a perfect selfie spot, one can’t help feeling).

Liza Bobkova. I see a catastrophe all the time I sleep

Iragui Gallery

Moscow, Russia

January 19 – March 19, 2021

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